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Rabboni can help you with warranty coverage questions. Reviewing
your AFUE rating is another factor to consider when examining
your homes ductwork system and also when evaluating your home
duct system, your fan filters should be of consideration. Airflow
inadequacies are costly and inefficient. Rabboni Mechanical can
provide you with a maintenance schedule upon request to make
your proper filter work to its fullest capacity and not impede airflow.
Do Your Research
Considering your energy efficiency is
how you can save money in the long
run. Many new air conditioners are
incredibly more efficient. Looking for
an ENERGY STAR label should be your
first goal for finding an air conditioner
that can save you money. Rabboni
Mechanical can help you with your
HVAC needs and compare prices and
service packages.
Consider Efficiency
It may still be winter, but it’s time to start
thinking about air conditioning and
contacting Rabboni Mechanical. Making
sure your air conditioner is running
properly and can keep you cool is an
important step in providing you and your
family the comfort needed in the warmer
months. Having the details and doing
proper research on your local company
allows you an efficient maintenance
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