1:must be state licensed ( been a licensed contractor) will assure that he/she has been approved by the state
to perform hvac work as contractor, he/she must have a minimum of 5 years of experience and have passed
several exams about the trade, business ethics  law and safety.

2.Must  be Certified: by the EPA (Environment Protection Agency) to be able to handle any type of freon
(refrigerant) it's illegal to vent any type of refrigerant

3.Must be local: a local ( independent contractor ) will always give you a faster response and  will help your
local economy buying trough large hardware and appliance stores is not a good idea since the use sales
people that you will never see again, plus they use contractors with very bad reputation, plus these
contractors have to split the profit with this large corporations and they have performed very poor
workmanship or short cuts to make a profit.

4.BBB member: reports business ethics, which will make you fill comfortable when hiring them. A contractor
without any affiliation  to the BBB will always be a risky candidate even if he has good reviews online.

6.Must be Insured:(liability insurance) in case he/she causes  property damages, Your home insurance may
not cover damages by such contractor

7. Must have Workers Compensation Insurance in case of death or injury to his employees, so you won't be
held responsible for any medical bills or even a lawsuit by his employees. Even an unlicensed contractor can
suit you, if he/she gets injured while working for you.

8. Must be reputable he/she must have some type of good references about his work performance and
business ethics.

9.Appearance: Must have uniforms,  truck logos, etc. Professional appearance is important.

10:must offer good and reliable products: Products must be a list rated by the Consumer Reports Org. To
insure customer safety, reliability and satisfaction.

11.Never request hvac estimate  online this sites are not local, they just provide leads to many contractors
plus they sale your info. Each time you do a request on line will cost contractors up to $600.00 but the worst
of all, most of these contractors don't carry insurance, don't have any type of  references.
Do us a favor just use your locals contractors, support your local community.
very important things you must check before choosing your contractor
JOHN 14:6 the
way to heaven