Poor maintenance or no maintenance at all
can cause premature equipment replacement
or it can even turn deadly.
We do complete residential and commercial new installations.  Central
heating and A/C, exhaust fans, attic fans, house whole  fans, wall
heaters, floor
heaters, baseboard heaters, electric wall heaters, direct vent wall heaters,
heat pumps, unit heaters or shop heaters, door heaters, duct work,
or industrial HVAC, pellet stoves units, mini-split systems, filtration,
commercial units and energy management systems.

We repair any make, brand or model. Our repairs and parts are
We repair furnaces, wall heaters, gas packs, roof tops, floor heaters,
heaters, condensing units, base board heaters, electric heaters, heat
ptac, duct heaters, unit heaters, electric motors, controls, air handlers,
evaporators, hermetic and semi-hermetic compressors, zoning, electric air
filters, electric dumpers, air compressors, economizers, pneumatic
and more.

Preventive maintenance
The preventive maintenance service program is designed to protect you
your equipment from hazardous conditions and large out of pocket
expenses, in addition to
energy savings. 95% of every repair that we do for customers is due to
lack of maintenance. By
spending a little on preventive maintenance, you can save thousands as
as preventing unsafe conditions or suffering outages.
Also, preferred customers get 5% off repairs or new replacements and
24hr service. We offer many preventive maintenance plans to fit your
Preventive maintenance schedule

Heating: We clean burners, pilot assembly blowers, clean or replace filters, clean the radiant coil,
oil/grease motors and bearings, and replace belts. We check electrical, controls, gas pressure,
static pressure, carbon monoxide levels, the combustion chamber, calibrate the thermostat,
condensate pumps, ignition, combustion, combustion air vents, secondary air, primary air,
amperage, electrical, wiring, controls, and check temperature rise.

Cooling; We clean the evaporator, condenser, condensate pan, pump and drain, blowers,
condenser fan, and clean or replace the filter.
Cooling towers: Flush, balance ph, replace belts, grease motors and bearings and lubricate water

We check the electrical, wiring, controls, amperage, Freon levels, temperature, static pressure,
refrigeration lines, super heat, motor windings, sheaves, pulley, split, blowers, fans, motors,
compressors, adjust thermostats, time clocks, and much more depending on the type of